Things are happening

It was the days before Christmas…

The fist assembly of the old bicycle took part in the basement. First I greased up the bearings for the fork and put it all together, now it swings around like a charm. Way better than before. Now it also looks good with it’s cleaned and polished mounts. Perhaps I will need to grease it up once more before the summer, or at least after it has been used a few times. So it has time to set and need a routine service.

While I was at it.  I decided it was time to put the new bought tires on the rims. The rims has been brushed with an wire brush and cleaned with strong cleaning agents so nothing would risk puncture the tube. First the rim protector cord went on, then the tire had to go on. I had completely forgot why I hate to change bicycle tires. Now I was reminded. My thumbs, my poor thumbs are now flat…
After the tire went on with one side or wall, as it is better called. Then gently tuck the tube inside the tire. Lastly comes the really fun part (big portion of irony here) that is to get the tire on the rim with the second wall. Again, my poor, poor thumbs.
After some sweat and hard work (and cheating with some tools) the tire was on its place. I filled the tire up with air and, behold! It worked it also looked really nice.

Then, repeat it all again for the other wheel.

There is hope for the blue lady to ride again. Only two small question marks that need to be cleared before is complete.
But that can be saved for some other day. It’s a long time until summer. It must become winter first.