Thoughts about beeing behind a till, in front of a till.

The modern technology is advancing fast. The train dont wait for any one. If you cant keep up, too bad.

We have now phones that is more advanced than the most advanced personal computer 15 years ago. There is cars that is tuned by simply connecting a small memory card to a computers and upload a new software to the card. Insert the card in the car and there you have 50 more horse powers and things. Everything around us is things that they only dreamed of in the 60’s when watched “Mission Impossible” and “Star Trek”. Voice controlled computers, face shifting apps in the smart phones. The technology is everywhere also in the everyday, close-where-you-live shop. When going to shop the food for your dinner you go to a shop, pick what you need and goes to the exit to stand in a line and wait until you can put your items on a conveyor belt and the person at the till, the cashier can take your items and move them in front of a scanner and get a *blipp*.

Since long have the natural way of thinking stopped. The *blipp* is a sound of the brain melting. When my mother was working in a till in the 70’s she had even a crank to turn the till if it was a power cut. She punched in the amount on buttons and pressed an “add” button. A huge mechanical noise made is sure that it all worked. Now days there is panic in the eyes when the *blipp*” goes *blooop*. Think, use the brain. Do not rely on the electronics.


Now to make life even more faster and “be able to give us more service” they have designed and installed self-service tills. That must be one of the worst ideas so far. Why? Well here me out on this one.

What is the benefits of self operated tills? Speed? Price? First speed, those machines is great when they work. First you have to activate the machine. Then put a bag on a plate, if you dont want to use a bag then press that button on the touch screen. If you like to put down the items somewhere you cant since the machine complains instantly. Then when sorting out that matter, you have to scan the items *blipp*, milk, bread, butter, *blipp*, *blipp* and *blipp*. A bottle of beer to the steak *blooop*. Then a sign appears, “please contact the staff for help, you must verify that you are old enough”. Now my blood pressure is getting up. The man from the staff comes and presses a secret combination on the screen and flashes his special card. Then its all done again, now for the veggies. Bananas, put them on the scale and find the category for fruits, the search for bananas. Press banana symbol on the screen. After that you are done, now select way of paying. Credit card, cash, any coupons, discounts, any headache well press that button to. Press button for getting a lift, here is a button for ordering nice weather for tomorrow. After paying you are done, now you can get on you way home.

Here is my point. IF I am supposed to manage it all by my self, why is there a regular till behind me? IF I am supposed to manage it all by my self, why should I pay the same price as if there was someone sitting behind a till and doing this job? So in short I am paying more for the food because I do someone else’s work. I am not employed by the supermarket. There is people standing around with their flashy cards to help people that wants to buy beer.

I rather stand in line and have a person working at the till. If I where to use the *blipp* machine then I want a discount for using it.

Now there is  a third way! Home delivery, on internet there is a few sites that offers to pack, and deliver the food home to your door. In no way a aid for older, sick persons. No, everyone can use it. Here is the small catch, its cheaper than the supermarket. AND the drive the items home to you. Of course a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread is not cheep. But if you shop once every 14 days or even once a month. There is big money to save. After all in this modern times, time is money. You have to think of the time you spends in a supermarket shopping, standing and messing with a machine, driving/carrying the items. Versus having a man driving the times home to you. The last alternative is cheaper and better.  Having one van driving food to 20 people rather than having 20 cars driving around. I think that’s better in every aspect.

Call me Captain Cynical but, I cant stand those machines that goes *blipp* But there is no escape for me. I have to join them instead of fight.