Schneebremse. Who or what is that?

Well, I am a fellow that are mostly interested in old bicycles and other old things. I will use this blog to write about things as I see them. It can be different things, but often about old bicycles, tweed events and other obscure things. Like cameras and taking photos.

Sadly I do not have the time to write as I would like to. I do not have the time or the ability to write. My spelling is rather horrible, the grammar is completely out the window. I like to write but never listened to the classes in school where they learned how to write in English. I was daydreaming instead. Looking out the windows and feeling trapped in a prison.

But here are my thought’s from behind the handlebars of an vintage bicycle.

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  1. Stefan

     /  May 5, 2018

    Hi Thomas,
    Nice to meet you, hope you had a great Tweedrun!!
    Groete van Lisbeth & Stefan

    • Hello,
      It was a real pleasure to meet you both! I hope you had a great evening. I will write a post of the event soon next week. I will include a photo of you with tea cups in that post.


  2. Stefan en Lisbeth

     /  May 15, 2018

    Thanx! I shared your report on my Facebook page, very nice report. People who read it, will like to go next time!
    So off to our next Tweed Ride: 27.5 Mönchengladbach, 3.6 Breda, 10.6 Belgium
    Groete uit Nederland,
    Lisbeth & Stefan


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