Now it is close to the finish line

The last steps in the “Lady Blue” story. Well, it is just 2 more things to do. First its to fit the chain guard properly. The front bracket fitted like a charm, but the one in the back was missing from the guard that I bought as an replacement. The old bracket from the old guard did not really fit so well. But that is an minor problem, I will make a new bracket. What surprised me was that the new, never used (still got the price tag on the back), chain guard fitted so perfect. When I mounted it did not needed any form of modifying, just a perfect fit from the start. That is the moment when you start to ask what is wrong. Things never work straight away or with out problems. But this time, like a hot knife in butter a summer day. So smooth. (the problems turned up later, more of that later on)

So the final step is waiting for the handlebar that is currently in Thailand. Mount that with its new grips and then we are done. I think you all will like the new grips I got. Then I am thinking of perhaps change the head light. After that “Lady blue” is ready for the road again. After at least 20 years of storage. I will ask a co-worker to be a model for it. In typical cloths of course. But if that dont work. I have one idea that might work. A good presentation is everything!

Now to the part of the problems as mentioned earlier.
As you all by now have noticed this bicycle, since I got it , was supposed to enter the Bike in Tweed event 2014 in Stockholm. I have planned to enter the event since last years event. I checked up the dates and calculated everything. All previous years the event has been in the first or second week of October. Since this year I am turning into an old man, there is a event planned in the end of September involving other people and mandatory for me. But that was totally fine with me. Since logically the Bike in Tweed event is held in October, so I could be a part of it and everything just worked out like a charm. Because I had been looking forward to the bicycle event so much. But this year they decided to put the event a few weeks earlier! Right on the day I am planned to other things.
Now I understand why the repairs went so smooth and easy. I can not join the Bike in Tweed 2014 event.

Karma or faith anyone?

The last word has not been said in this matter!
But I got a great bicycle in the cellar, “Lady Blue” in good condition. I can always keep her in good condition until next year Bike in Tweed 2015. It is a matter of planning ahead!