Pelago shop

I was on a weekend trip to Finland and the capitol Helsinki. What to do there? Easy, the bicycle maker Pelago has their shop there. A visit is was a must! After all I have a Pelago Bristol bicycle. I went to the shop that is located about 10-15 minutes walk from the railway station. It was really easy to find, not only good location. But also because the big signs and bicycles outside. It was a real treat to visit the shop and the area surroundings. There is a courtyard where they are building the bicycles that are sold in the shop (I guess). So while I was standing in front of the shop a fellow came riding on a sport model Pelago and parked outside the shop.

I went in, inside there was really nice. Lots of bicycles and accessories. Bicycle parts, saddles and bags from Brooks. I stepped up to the desk where there was a customer and the staff where talking. She noticed me and said hello right away. I said hello and told her that was a Pelago owner from Sweden. She smiled and asked what model I have. I told her that I have a Bristol and I just wanted to see the shop while being in Helsinki. She was very kind and said that if I wanted any help I should let her know. I took a walk inside the shop and was amazed of it all. It is a really nice shop with a friendly atmosphere. After looking around for a while. I bought the item I came for. It was a small multi tool with the Pelago name on it. I wanted to have one just for fun, a souvenir. Then she told me to take some stickers and gave me a bag for the tool.

Now, I only will need a real Brooks saddle bag to put it in. Perhaps wrapped in tweed rag?