No, I have not forgotten

Well, last time I wrote I had new ideas on the way. The writing process would start! Big words from a small man.

I am afraid that you will have to wait for a little more. There is some issues to take care of first. Issues like the everyday situation and all the up hills on the road of life. A help on this bumpy road would a bicycle.The Chinese bicycle I bought has turned in to a pile of parts. Some parts even stated to rust after standing in the basement for a few months. The thought was to strip the frame and replace some parts with better parts. For example the wheels, the rims was so flexible that they bended when mounting the bike.

All parts came off, a different cycle was found (a lady’s frame, 28″ size wheels modern thing, with plastic details everywhere. The Frankenstein process started in the basement. The toolbox was dusted off, the buckets with various screws, nuts and bolts where filled. During this process I found out that the Chinese one was lacking in grease in all wheel bearings. The pedal shaft sounded a grinder, the steering bearings felt like they contained sand. But that is easy to fix. But if not, it would create a great wear on the metal parts.

Happy as could be I removed the front wheel of the extra bicycle. “This will be great” was my thoughts, right up to the moment when I realized that the new wheel didn’t fit the Chinese front fork. Not in between the forks, but more important, not in the wheels axles diameter either! I started to measure things. No standard here, no. So, my project was more or less likely, doomed from the start. Since I must buy all parts new that I need to fix the Chinese bicycle, the cost of having all parts sent to me, then mounting them… well, I am sure that it would work. But, still…

Now I have a heap of parts in the basement. Well, the mudguards is quite good looking.

Well, to be honest. It’s cheaper to buy a new bike in a shop that really is well made. That is my new plan. Contact a bicycle artist who custom makes bicycles to the wishes of the customer. Or what about buying like the one I saw while I was in Berlin. It was looking like a old veteran, but was brand new. It was a  Gazelle from Holland? Or that English one I saw in Somerset?..
I guess the last word isn’t said in this matter. After all, next summer I WILL have a roadster bicycle. be continued