The Silver Arrow, or?

Projects! The never ending stream of ideas.I mentioned a long time ago that I had a black frame made in China that did not cut the mustard to be used as a project for me. Well, right away I started the search for a new project. By luck I found the lovely Pelago frame and started to order parts for a great modern/retro build with the English Pashely Guv’nor as a huge inspiration. But along the way to receiving parts to the Pelago Path Racer bicycle I stumbled over an interesting add on the internet. There was an old 1950’s bicycle in poor condition that was for sale. After all, I was looking for a frame to build the “silver arrow” as I mentioned a few weeks ago. I replied to the add and asked about the price and about any issues about the condition of the bicycle. The seller replied very quick and told me that the tires was in bad shape and that the bicycle was not complete. But the price was good. The seller also included some photos of the bicycle in the basement in his reply. The photos showed an late 1950’s early 1960’s Swedish made Monark in white paint, with lots of usage and flat tires. The photos where rather bad but I wrote an email back to the seller and said that I would buy it. I was thinking that is would be just for fun. To have something to do during the cold winter months here in Sweden. Remove all paint and polish the frame and all parts. Only to build the “silver arrow” replica of that racer that I once saw.

A few days ago the packaged arrived by delivery to the front door. As I opened the package I realized that the bicycle was in much better condition than the seller and photos made me believe. The decals with the model name and decoration decals was in great shape! The paint was of course scuffed in many places, but it is after all, an over 50 years old bicycle made for be used. Not so much rust at all. A very good project! The next thing I did was to start to take it all apart. Then I discovered that the rear mudguard was broken and repainted in a bad way. I removed front light, the extra battery pack that was mounted on the frame back in the 80’s. All the old wires for the front and rear lights went into the trash. The rims was in good shape, nice chrome, just in need of adjusting the spokes. The luggage rack was a bit beaten up and a bit damaged. So I decided to rescue some parts of the luggage rack to the other bicycles, as spares.

As I was fixing and removing parts I realized more and more that I simply can not remove the paint from the frame, to make the “silver arrow” model I wanted from the start. The lovely decals and the paint are in very good condition. The typical two tone paint with an metallic base on the details they used back then was really shining after I tried to polish it a bit. I will most likely just polish up the frame and keep it as it is. Just get handlebars, pedals and tires. In short some parts that are more “path racer” looking. The frame it self is light, the rims and all will create a great quick fun racer. Perhaps it will be finished this summer to the Bike In Tweed event. Who knows. But who will ride it?

But first of all! It is ceaning time!


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