The Silver Arrow

I mentioned before (take a look here) that I was going to build a retro bicycle, in a sort of 1930´s “path racers”. To be honest there is not only one bicycle I have in the loop. There are two!

The first is based upon the Pelago frame I got from the Pelago warehouse. But the second is a project that I have been saving parts for at a long time. Some parts here, some there, it all adds up. But I think it is fun to plan ahead and get inspiration from different parts and styles. For example I have now an entire bag with odd bits and pieces that will add up to a rather good looking bicycle. That is what I hope at least.

I had that strange frame from China that did not really cut the mustard in several areas (budget story here). All parts was badly made, the frame it self was not so great. Badly made threads and so on. So no, that was a no go for my plans. One day when reading the classified ads on internet. I noticed a fellow who sold a bicycle he had build mixing old and new parts but had stripped the paint of everything. The look was so clean and crisp. I fell in love with the look and the style of his build right away. He was asking about €450 for his bicycle. Then I thought to my self, “Why not make something like that my self?”

In what style should it be? What parts do I need? How much will it cost me? There was many questions right away. But with pen and paper I started to write down what I need on a sheet and started to look for parts on internet. I had some parts since earlier builds and restoration. I decided that the frame it self was going to be a old Swedish made 1950’s bicycle. Because for me, that was the best era for frames and bicycles in Sweden. Perhaps not the best looking ones. But it was well made frames with the details still there. That was at that point they knew what they where doing, people still bought bicycles for everyday usage so they where robust like tanks. When thinking of the frame, I have not decided if I am going to remove all paint from the frame myself or if I am going to leave that to a professional auto-shop.  I will get some old style drop handlebars with the smooth curves, an vintage stem for the bars. Vintage race saddle, saddle post. A front wheel break, either drum or rim/calliper breaks with a single break handle. It would be really odd with drum breaks. But great looking. The we have the wheels. Torpedo hubs of course!

So, in short I need to acquire quite a lot of parts. But nothing is impossible, it will only take some time. After all, all costs are balanced out with me trading and selling items. So there is an reserved amount of money for this project. Removing the paint from the frame is no problem, the parts are easy as pie to get a hold of. In fact the collection started long ago, even before I knew I was saving parts. Here are some parts I have at the moment.

Fabuer crank with chain wheel, handlebar stem… now it is only the rest that needs to be found.
Perhaps this bicycle will be ready for “Bike in Tweed 2015” too?

The name of the bicycle are rather self explanatory “The Silver Arrow”…



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