The first parts

The first parts of the retro racer has arrived!
Very good service from the Pelago shop and the staff there! They did an excellent job on my request and questions. One and a half week after I sent the first mail with my strange questions I could collect an rather large parcel at the local service point for parcels.

It was the frame and front fork of an black Pelago Bristol that had arrived straight from their warehouse in Helsinki. I was told it was one of the first generation of the Bristol model that now was replaced by the second generation Bristol. I got to buy the last frame that never was assembled. The frame stands here with me now and are awaiting the rest of the parts so it can be transformed into the retro racer I have in my mind. Heavily influenced by the Pashely Guv’nor and the the 1930s Path Racers that seems to be in style now. But this one will not be a English racer, more a Finland/Swedish version. Bike in Tweed 2015 is the goal. Will I make it? I hope so.

As now I am looking for parts for the bicycle. 170 mm cranks, 40-635 rims, handlebars and all that. It is a fun and interesting search.  Of course the urge for building bicycles has grown stronger. It is fun and educational. Every new step includes lots of learning for the process. It is not only to build a bike. There is lot more knowledge and special facts you have to know. Just to build a wheel is an entire science. The spokes length, the calculation for length, position, where to start, how to start, why do one start there and not there, and so on. Then you need grease to lubricate, what to lubricate and how.
Perhaps there will be more projects. After all it is fun! But will my tweed fit the style of the bicycle? It will be more of an sport version? Of course!
With a pair of plus 4 trousers and a jacket and I will be good to go.

After all, tweed goes well with anything!


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