Old bicycles

About a week ago, I visited an relative of mine on the countryside. He told me that he knew there was a barn a bit from his place where he knew the owner. I the barn there where is some old bicycles standing, he said. That sounds promising, old bicycles in barns can be fun.
Perhaps and old Swedish made one, put aside back in the 1950’s when the owner thought the bicycle was old and the owner wanted a modern one, perhaps with gears. On the countryside barns where used to store almost everything. Furnitures, cars, bicycles, scrap, things and different bits and pieces. With the modern way of life many farmers moved to the citys. With that the living countryside disappeared in a way and  many barns where forgotten and left to the nature to take over. The farmers children took over the old small farms as a summer house only to visit them sometimes when the weather is nice. The new owners have no interest in the old stuff, even sometimes not even going inside the old barns. Today you can see along the roads halfway collapsed barns in the woods. No one know what is inside them, who it belongs to.

We got to the barn and went in, the smell of old unheated wooden house filled with hay and spider webs filled my nose. “There they are” he said and pointed at some cycles in the corner. I went there and took a look. The bicycles in question was two 1980’s 3 geared standard bikes.

I guess the term “old bicycles” is a matter of opinion. For me an old bicycle is really old, with the look of the frame and mud guards telling a story of craftsmanship and an eye for details . The chain guards decorations and other signs. Lamps, pedals and old handlebars. But again, old is a wide used term, also a relative matter. You can be young but still feel old in the morning when getting out of bed. You can be old and feel more fit than when you were 20 years old. So, what others might think is old, can be rather modern for me. But on the other hand, what make the things I describe as old to others? Antique?

There is actually a way to get around all that. It is to call it “retro”. That is to make a modern/new thing in a old style. Now days you can buy an parts to build an entire bicycle with all accessories in an old style, but with everything newly made. There is also timeless looking modern bicycles that you can buy today. Pelago for example is a great company with a great idea of classical and timeless designs.

In fact I am thinking of buying a Pelago Bristol Classic and do some slight modifications. Only to do a retro racer in a vintage style. That even might be taken for an antique bicycle. Something for #bikeintweed2015 riding around on a new bicycle wearing a new tweed, all in a old style.

Next post will be about the Chinese bicycle project I mentioned earlier, there have been some developments. Stay tuned.


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