Rex tandem bicycle, the style of the 1940’s

In my earlier post, Roadwax wanted to see more of the bicycle and how it looks. I have taken the “before restoration” photos so why not post some of them?

Tandem bicycles always has been in the style of welding two frames together. But along the way the started to add a tube in the frame that went all the way from the back for strength and support. Every maker did their own design. For example there is some American tandem bicycles that has very deep curves and “cruiser” looking features. Then we have the racer tandem, that is build for speed. All sorts of designs.

Here in Sweden there was the main “two frames welded togheter” look dominant untill about late 1930’s when the two company “Monark” and “Rex” started to build their tandems with a sweaping tube, Rex did their Duplex frame with double tubes and became a huge favourite. To me they are just good looking. The Monark ones has a really interesting end at the rear wheel, where the frame goes beyond the wheel and turnes almost into an bumper.

But my Rex is the really good looking one. I notice that mine has some odd features. Like the strap from the luggage rack to the rear mud guard, that is not original. Or the pedals, they are stamped with “N” for Nymans. A different bicycle maker all together. But all modifications seem to be made back in the day when it was used on a regular basis. I am thinking of keeping all those small unique things. Only change I will make 100% certain is the saddles. The original “Terry” ones has been badly damaged by the weather the last 70 years. So it not an option to sit on them any more.

Here we have how the Rex tandem with Duplex frame looks like.




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  1. Thanks! That looks like a really great bike. There are (were) very few tandems bought in Britain and so we don’t often see them after 1930’s. Your design has those nice sweeping frame tubes that make it ‘male-female’ – so that it is more designed for couples of the day. Yeah – those saddles look like dead fish. I’m still looking out for ‘period’ Brookes designed/styled extras for your bike. Rear panniers? Tool roll? splash guards? tell me what you want and I’ll keep an eye open. 🙂

  1. Reflections and thoughts about the bicycles | schneebremse

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