Rain, snow and hail is no problem

The Hermes manages every kind of weather. The owner, well. The nose got a bit cold but that is nothing a hot cup of tea would cure. Today I was thinking it would be nice to take the old bicycle out for a spin. The bicycle in question is a old Hermes made my Nymans verkstäder (NV) in the Swedish town of Uppsala. Hermes was a sub-brand of NV, they had their own chain guard logo, and logo on the frame badge. But they was still a NV bicycle made in the same factories as the other sub-brands of NV. I have researched the bicycle for some small indications and signs for age and found out that it is made about 1954-56. 
What I can say with 100% certain, is that my bicycle is a Hermes, made in Uppsala, Sweden in mid 1950’s.

So it is a old one, it is used a lot. But not abused. It is in a rather good condition for its age, everything works as it should. Even the dynamo for the headlight works. Sadly the previous owner, at some point decided that the original paint needed to be refreshed. So the owner simply painted the frame with a dull rust proof paint instead. But of some reason he decided to paint the front of the frame in a white colour.
When I got the bicycle there was plastic handlebar grips from the 70’s mounted. That was the first thing I removed. By coincidence I had a pair of original wooden grips in a drawer. The handlebar had rusted rather bad at the ends. But with some sanding and cleaning, it looked acceptebel. I mounted the old stock grips, the fitted right away. Strange how a pair of grips can change the entire look of a bicycle. Now it looks original. Even down to the tool box underneath the rack. The tool box is, by the way, locked when you lock the bicycle with the frame mounted lock by the rear wheel. It just proves they knew what they where doing back then. In the tool box there is room for small tools, repair kit, a small pump and other bits an pieces. Quite handy!

The bag on the rack in the photo is my grandfathers old bicycle bag that he always used. It was handed to me after him and it is a superb bag for almost everything. Sandwiches, a flask with tea, bottles of lemonade, food in containers, books, things. The bag it self is fastened with three hooks. Two on top and one at the bottom. To mount it, simply slide it on the lower frame leg that goes to the wheel hub up to the rack, then hook it on the rack. Takes 5 seconds. Then because of the weight in the bag, it stays firmly in place. It also matches the paint on the bicycle, a small coincident.

There is a strange looking handle on the handlebar. That is not an hand break, as there is no front wheel brake sadly. No, it is a lever I found thrown away, that can used for many things. I have an idea for it’s use. I am thinking of a bell that is activated by the lever. It will rotate a small wheel on the tire and creates a alarm type of sound. Could be fun, we will see.

Anyway. It was a nice ride, it is always a good feeling to ride a bicycle. Getting fresh air and some exercise. The old god from Olympen (at least Uppsala) needed to stretch out his legs.



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