Almost there

The vacation around Christmas was spent in a cold unheated cellar. Refitting the hubs, crank shafts and chain for the “Lady Blue”. It was many years since I had an rear wheel hub in parts and refitted all together again. It worked! The skill is still there. I guess its like… cycling (no pun intended). Once done, you know the drill.
The mudguards, stand, seat and handlebars of a different type was mounted. Then I mounted the head light, pedals and rear packing holder. I even put on the skirt-guard in crocheted blue wire. I found the skirt-guard in the classified ads. NOS (new old stock), never used, not even unwrapped since the 1930’s. The strange thing was that one of the side had correct 18 hooks. The other side only had 17 hooks?! If only I could complain, but I am afraid that the crochet skirt guard makers closed up their  shop about 60 years ago…

The original handlebars was sent with a co-worker to Thailand where he said he might know a shop for remaking the chrome plated finish. New grips are awaiting here for the handlebars. A dynamo is on its way. Then I guess “Lady Blue” is reddy for the roads again. As I mentioned earlier, there might be a nice girl that wants to take a ride on the bicycle later on when the weather is more “bicycle friendly”.

One of my goal is to be able to give a photo of the bicycle when it is done to my co-worker, who so kindly gave me the bicycle. So he can show it to the original owner. Just to show her that the history still is alive and the bicycle are being treasured.


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