Small update about “Lady Blue”.

The bicycle is now in parts. All the parts has been inspected, cleaned and checked. The most damaged parts, has been replaced. The saddle, sadly the original one was in really bad condition so it had to go. I found a worn old Brooks saddle, they look vintage and are good for comfort. The handlebar was repainted in an industrial colour. There I found a good replacement from the same era, the handlebar grips, bell, lamp, dynamo, skirt-protectors to the mud guard in back. The mud guard stands, tires, tubes and rim protectors. All is parts now just waiting to be assembled.
It will be a great looking one when its done. The girl who wants to use it is looking forward to see the bicycle.

I learned some history of the bicycle from the co-worker I received it from.  He told me that the first owner was born in 1927, in the town of Kalmar in sothern Sweden. She was given the bicycle on her 8th birthday. Then she had the bicycle all her life until she became old and did not want to cycle around more. The the bicycle was handed to a friend of the old lady. Nowdays the friend never use the bicycle so I was given them instead.
So the bicycle was made in the same town as the girl grew up in and most likely to be from 1935. Only 78 years ago.

Oh, about the old enamel cup in the photo. It is good for drinking beer, water, hot coco, tea, lemonade. Not all at once of course, but it is a good cup, very usable. You can even put it on the stove, fireplace and heat food, soups, drinks.
Beside all that, it looks vintage to.


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