Grease since 1930’s

The time had come, it was time for see what condition the old lady bicycle was in. I started by taking off the chain guard, saddle, handlebars. Then the wheels, mudguards, chain, stand. When that was done I started by taking apart the front fork and the bearings.

Except the suspected grease from the 1930’s that was dried up and all dust, also since the 1930’s. The bicycle was in extremely good condition. Minor rust spots, the only rust I found that is of a serious form was inside the rims, where the rim protectors (made in cloth) still did their job and protected the tubes.

I started to clean some parts. Lots of cleaning products and rags, even more elbow grease. Long evenings in the winter will be spent in the basement. Cleaning and polishing.  Also the hunt for parts has begun, I have found several parts that is needed. The only real question mark is the handles. They seem to be more or less scarce to say the least. Over all it is a good project.

The goal of Bike in Tweed 2014 is an possibility.


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